7 Mistakes Garden Equipment Owners Make - Lawn Mower Repair Near You

7 Mistakes Garden Equipment Owners Make - Lawn Mower Repair Near You

We all love having a beautiful lawn. But to keep yours pristine, you need to take care of your garden equipment. However, many people commit mistakes that end up ruining their equipment.

As such, our experts at Ogden Lawn & Garden share the seven most common mistakes garden equipment owners make. Avoiding these can help you save money and avoid frantically searching for "lawn mower repair near me" on your phone.

1. Not storing the equipment properly 

If you're not careful, your garden equipment can quickly become rusty and damaged. To avoid this, make sure to store your tools in a dry, sheltered place. If possible, invest in a storage shed or garage to protect your belongings from the elements.

2. Forgetting to clean the tools after use

After a long day of gardening, the last thing you may want to do is clean your equipment. However, it's vital to clean your lawn mower and other tools to prevent dirt and grime build-up. At least once a month, take the time to tidy up your gardening tools with soap and water.

3. Using the wrong type of oil - Lawn Mower Repair Near Me

If you're using your garden equipment regularly, it's crucial to lubricate the moving parts with oil. However, not all lubricants are created equal. Be sure to use the correct type of oil for your tools and equipment to prevent damage.

When in doubt, don't hesitate to visit a lawn mower repair shop near you - like us. At Ogden Lawn & Garden, we have high-quality oils for various lawn mower models and gardening tools.

4. Not sharpening the blades regularly

Over time, the blades on your garden tools will become dull. If you don't sharpen them regularly, they won't be as effective and can damage your plants. To keep your blades in top condition, sharpen them at least once a month.

5. Using sub-par gasoline on your lawn mower

If you're using gas-powered garden equipment, it's vital to use high-quality gasoline. Cheap gas can potentially harm the tools' motors and decrease their lifespan. When filling up, be sure to use a reputable product without Ethanol. This substance is known to cause damage to lawn mowers and other small motorized tools.

6. Failing to winterize the equipment 

When winter rolls around, you should take the necessary steps to winterize your garden equipment. This includes draining the gas, oiling the moving parts, and covering the equipment. These can prevent rust and damage to your tools.

7. Not getting it serviced 

Just like your car, your garden equipment needs regular maintenance. This includes tune-ups, oil changes, and blade sharpening. By getting your equipment serviced by reliable lawn mower repair specialists in Ogden, you can prevent unexpected malfunctions and expensive problems down the line.

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