When to Replace Your Lawn Mower Battery: 4 Signs It's Time

When to Replace Your Lawn Mower Battery: 4 Signs It's Time

Like any other piece of machinery, lawn mower batteries have a lifespan. Your lawn mower's battery can lose its charge when stored during winter months or not used for long periods.

Knowing when to replace your lawn mower battery can help you avoid a breakdown in the middle of cutting the lawn.

Here are helpful tips for identifying if you need a new lawnmower battery:

Check the connections of your lawnmower.

Notice that your lawnmower isn't cutting as smoothly or holding its charge for long periods. It's possible that there's an issue with the battery. Batteries deal with vibrations. It can lead them down an inevitable path - rapid decline in power source due to excessive shaking from unexpected events like storms, etc., which makes it essential to check often and make sure everything is tight.

To ensure that your lawnmower is running smoothly and efficiently, it's essential to check the connections at each terminal. Check for any stray wires.

Try Charging the lawnmower.

If you're unsure if your lawnmower battery is dead or needs some juice, connect it to a charger. Most chargers have 12 volts as their standard voltage and will keep consumers safe from any shock.

It is always crucial that you charge your battery for at least eight hours before use. It will ensure the maximum amount of power can be absorbed by each cell and helps reduce any chance when it comes time to replace them.

Listen for a Clicking Sound coming from your lawnmower.

When you pull the cord or turn on the key in the ignition, if it makes clicking sounds, replacement batteries might be necessary due to lack of power from the charger pack and reduced capacity.

Keeping your lawnmower battery healthy is vital for its lifetime and performance. It's best to place it on a trickle charge when not using the equipment, such as over the winter months.

Verify the Voltage.

A multimeter will allow you to test your lawn mower's electrical system quickly if there are any doubts about whether or not the charger works.

Check the Water Reservoir.

Lawnmower batteries are usually designed with a flooded design that requires you to add water. Check your battery by accessing the reservoir, and make sure it's at its maximum level before using it again.

Why it's essential to keep your lawnmower's regular maintenance?

If you take care of your lawnmower, it will last longer and operate more efficiently. Lawn machines are built with advanced technology that makes them strong enough to handle years' worth of use without breaking down in between cuts.

But as is always true for any piece o equipment being constantly utilized over time. It's essential to keep up with lawnmower maintenance. It means keeping the blades sharpened and free of debris, cleaning out the underside of the deck, and removing any clippings that have built up over time.

It also means checking the oil levels regularly and adding oil when necessary—and topping off or replacing the gas tank before each use.

These simple tasks will help your lawnmower run like new for years to come. And save you from the hassle and cost of unexpected repairs.

It's also essential to store lawnmowers in a dry area, out of direct sunlight, when they're not in use. It will protect the battery and other components from deterioration.

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